3502311716F G-BOUE AR BLC KMX125
Certified Genuine Kawasaki Parts
G-boue ar blc kmx125
Unfortunately we do not have the price of this part at the moment.

The spare g-boue ar blc kmx125 part number 3502311716F is a genuine Kawasaki part which means it is exactly the same as the one mounted at the factory when the vehicle was new
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Original part number Kawasaki

Part Diagram Vehicle information Country
1988 125 KMX125-A3 Europe FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-A3 Greece FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-A3 Italy FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-A3 Norway FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-A3 Switzerland FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-A3 United kingdom FENDER
1986 125 KMX125-B1 France FENDER
1986 125 KMX125-B1 United kingdom FENDER
1987 125 KMX125-B2 France FENDER
1987 125 KMX125-B2 United kingdom FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-B3 France FENDER
1988 125 KMX125-B3 United kingdom FENDER
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