Optional Parts FOR KAWASAKI KX80 1990

Optional Parts for Kawasaki KX80 1990
(42041)  42041-1230
SPROCKET-HUB 47T AL Part information
(42041A)  42041-1231
SPROCKET-HUB 48T AL Part information
(42041B)  42041-1232
SPROCKET-HUB 49T AL Part information
(42041C)  42041-1233
SPROCKET-HUB 50T AL Part information
(42041I)  42041-1302
SPROCKET-HUB 46T AL Part information
Part number Description
# 42041
SPROCKET-HUB 47T AL Not available
# 42041A
SPROCKET-HUB 48T AL Not available
# 42041B
SPROCKET-HUB 49T AL Not available
# 42041C
SPROCKET-HUB 50T AL Not available
# 42041I
SPROCKET-HUB 46T AL Not available
Kawasaki KX80-L3 Optional Parts parts diagram.

A part can be selected in the image screen and text screen.
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